On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, LPAI representatives spoke during the Longmont City Council’s Study Session.  The following is a transcript of Peter Alexander’s address.  Peter blogs at SharpsAndFlatirons.com, a top 50 classical music blog.


I’m here tonight in support of the proposed performing arts facility and convention complex for Longmont.

I am speaking as a member of the Longmont Concert Band, one the smallest groups by budget in the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative.  We are not paid; instead we pay for the privilege of performing together.

Our members are dedicated to the value of the arts, for ourselves, through working together to raise our own level of performance, and the fulfillment we receive from that pursuit; but also for the community we serve . Our concerts are free.  Over the years we have built loyal audience that values what we offer and we take pride in that.

My main point is that it is not only the elite larger organizations like the LSO that will benefit from a performing arts complex; smaller groups will benefit as well, first from access to a first-class venue where we can present our performances, and second from association with the other performing groups. Longmont’s performing organizations are splintered around town. By bringing them together and creating a community of artists, everyone will benefit, from the smallest group like ours, to the largest. Everyone raises their level through association with others.

Beyond that, building a major arts facility will validate the local artists and groups, showing that the city & community value what they do. This in turn will help those groups prosper and encourage creativity throughout the community. Such a center would potentially offer a valuable supplement to the educational facilities available to our young people.

But I believe we have an even greater opportunity before us. A professional-level facility would make it possible to present major touring performances including Broadway shows and other events that currently have no venue in our area outside of Denver. Boulder doesn’t have the facility to present major theatrical performances, Loveland doesn‘t, and Ft. Collins doesn’t.

Building such a facility will turn Longmont into a regional center. Touring attractions, whether Broadway shows or Bluegrass bands, expose the community to the finest in the arts. That will not only enrich the lives of people in the community, it will attract people and investment into Longmont. And of course, it will thereby build community pride.

That seems to me a prospect that you cannot fail to support.

Thank you.


Would you write City Council in support of constructing a dedicated cultural and performing arts center in Longmont?  We have a pre-written letter and easy instructions here: