Mayoral Town Hall on Longmont’s Performing Arts

Hosted by LPAI

Mayoral candidates Joan Peck and Tim Waters joined LPAI board president Bob Balsman for a town hall session on Longmont’s performing arts on Saturday, October 9, 2021. (Candidate Greg Harris was also invited, but unfortunately we could not find a date and time which would work for his schedule so that he could join us.)

00:00 Introduction

02:09 Question 1: What are some of your favorite experiences/memories of performances in Longmont?

04:14 Question 2: What do you feel is the importance of the performing arts to a community like Longmont?

07:47 Question 3: Local governments invest in arts and culture to provide social and cultural outcomes across their cities. What do you feel Longmont’s city government’s role should be in supporting the performing Arts?

12:34 Question 4: How do you envision the Arts in Longmont playing an expanded role in the economic development of Longmont and what role do you feel local government should play in making this vision possible?

18:08 Question 5: In 2020, a feasibility study conducted by Johnson Consulting, gave a positive recommentation to build a Longmont Performing Arts and Events Center in Longmont. Do you agree with the positive finding outlined in the feasibility study, and what issues or obstacles do you see that would need to be addressed before moving forward with such a project?

23:12 Question 6: In closing, what else you would like to say to our local performing arts community?

27:08 Wrapping up

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