How Can You Help Support the Construction of

a Longmont Cultural and Performing Arts Center?

You’ve seen the Times-Call article and our own blog post about the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative’s appeal to City Council to construct a dedicated cultural and performing arts center in Longmont.  You want to help – but how?

You can lend your support to the effort today by writing Mayor Bagley and/or your City Council representative.  Click this link to open the City Council contact form:

Fill out the contact form with your information, then copy the text below into the box labeled, “Comment Area”.  Then, click “Submit” to send it.

After you’ve sent your message, share this page with your family and friends.  Next, pat yourself on the back for helping support the construction of the Longmont Cultural and Performing Arts Center!

Thank you very much for your support!


Dear Mayor Bagley and City Council,

As a Longmont resident and a constituent, I urge you to support the construction of a dedicated cultural and performing arts center in Longmont. Such a venue would greatly benefit the community financially as well as very positively enhance its image. It would be a source of pride for the community. Such a space is absolutely necessary to meet the needs of the thriving performing arts community in Longmont as well as meet the needs of existing and future residents. Certainly, co-locating the performance space with a convention center and hotel would not only address those pressing needs, but also play into the history of Longmont valuing practicality.

In 2017 “Americans for the Arts “ published The Arts and Economic Prosperity 5, which stated:
*On the local level, $31.47 was spent per person, per event, beyond the cost of admission.
*One-third of attendees (34 percent) were not from the county in which the arts event took place.
*Event related spending by “out of towners” was more than twice that of their local counterparts.

In 2018, The National Endowment for the Arts found that the arts contribute more than $760 Billion dollars to the U.S. economy. That is more than agriculture, transportation and warehousing – combined. I can only conclude that nationally, as well as locally, the arts contribute in a meaningful way to the economy. A vibrant arts community not only keeps residents and their discretionary spending invested in the local economy, it also attracts visitors who spend money and help local businesses thrive. Equally compelling is that this idea is aligned with countless goals expressed in the 2015 City of Longmont Comprehensive Plan Envision Longmont. A cultural and performing arts facility will encourage future growth and enhance the quality of life for our citizens.

No other community is as well situated to build the best performing arts space in a 50 mile radius than we are here in Longmont; the time to act is now. I believe that the need, support, and timing are all now in alignment for Longmont to engage in a public-private partnership to build a beautiful cultural and performing arts center which will represent the greatness and ingenuity of Longmont and become the physical symbol for our civic pride. Such a facility would absolutely reinforce the City’s identity; in fact, I would hope that the architectural esthetics would be the defining image of the city’s greatness – it would be practical, historically relevant, and state of the art.

Please consider literally putting the arts on the map in Longmont by supporting a public-private partnership to build a dedicated Cultural & Performing Arts Center.


<Your Name>