Fall Showcase | A Mixed Bill: (Dis)integrating Self, Doctoral Thesis Dance Piece, Stravinsky’s The Firebird

September 24 | 7PM and September 25 | 3PM

Strength, Passion, and Elegance! This mixed bill performance features Alaina DeBellevue’s piano accompaniment on three pieces: two company premieres and Stravinsky’s The Firebird. The show opens with (Dis)integrating Self by Laura Malpass. This contemporary ballet work explores identity, community, and relationships as dancers play with finding center, pedestrian movements and what it means to be in partnership.

The second piece on the program is meant to illustrate the first chapter of Ellie Hara’s dissertation, Releasing Cyanide from Ferrocyanide Complexes by Carbon Monoxide Ligand Exchange in Alkaline Environments, through her doctoral study program with University of Colorado in Boulder. Listen to Ellie Hara speak about her research and watch as it comes to life with dancers. “I hope to explore dance as a science communication tool and the creative intersection of science and dance. Although the dancers represent atoms, I believe there is something to be learned about the human condition through the reaction mechanism shown. Though the chemical structure and reaction serves as the framework of an inherently soul-less chemical procedure, when adding the human element I see [the choreographic work] as a piece exploring the loss of one’s family, the pain of being set adrift, and then finding your family of choice.” – Ellie Hara

The final piece on the program is Stravinsky’s The Firebird, one of Russia’s most famous fairy tales full of love and magic. It tells the story of Prince Ivan’s journey to win the heart of his princess and destroy the immortal Koschei all with the help of a magical Firebird.


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