Colorado Gives Fundraiser | Sprung Flooring & Vapor Barrier for new Ballet Studio

Proceeds will go towards the installation of sprung flooring for our new training ground, as well as a vapor barrier and other supplies.

Make donations at:

From studio to stage, Centennial State Ballet serves the community by holistically developing young artists through youth ballet education and performance. We are promoting dancer wellness in all aspects by empowering individuals in artistic and creative expression, fostering social growth, celebrating all bodies, and through community building. Students learn discipline, self-care, creative problem-solving, teamwork, and self-advocacy in a healthy environment right in the center of Longmont’s creative district.

Your support engages, enriches, and inspires the community!

“My favorite thing about being a part of the CSB production team is getting to be a part of the entire production process” – Jackson

“I love CSB because it gives me the opportunity to dance with live musicians and guest artists” – Milo

“If I get steps wrong, I know that I can always try again and other people will support me” – Nathan