A Note from the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative

We want to reach out to our audiences to update you and let you know how to stay engaged with the performing arts during the times we’re unable to perform as scheduled.

Dear Patrons and Supporters of the Performing Arts in Longmont –

These have been trying times for all of us, filled with disruptions, uncertainties, and anxieties as the COVID-19 infection spreads around the world.  The most effective containment strategy is “social distancing”, avoiding crowds, and limiting physical contact with others. This defies our natural instinct to congregate, but it seems to be a necessary concession at this time.  All of our short-term plans have been interrupted and our mid-range plans are all up in the air.

Later this week, you will see updates on LongmontPerforms.orgFacebook, and Twitter regarding our member groups’ current status, including postponements, cancellations, and what performances are still scheduled.

We are performing artists, and it has broken our hearts to have to cancel or postpone any of our shows and events this season.  You have been our faithful audience and we appreciate that you are as disappointed and saddened as we are by these difficult situations.

We have faith that this infection will run its course and life will steadily return to normal.  We want you to know, now more than ever, that we will be there for you with the quality programs and performances that you have enjoyed for years.

Because of you, we will resume our rehearsals as soon as possible and continue to improve our craft.

Because of you, we will develop more engaging and creative programs to entertain, inspire, and comfort you.

Because of you, we will redouble our efforts to showcase the amazing local talent in our community and to bring you guest artists from the wider performing arts world.

Because of you, we will continue to support and promote the performing artists and groups in our highly diverse community.

Because of you, we will continue to engage, educate, and inspire the young people in our area to appreciate the essential role the performing arts play in bringing communities together, enhancing everyone’s lives.

Your support motivates us to create, to train, to improve, and to make an impact in your lives as you have made on ours.

We encourage you to stay engaged with the performing arts in Longmont during this time in the following ways:

Thank you so much for your gift of attending our shows and programs.  We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to inspire you and engage with you by bringing the performing arts to life in Longmont.

We will be back on stage in full force as soon as possible, ever more motivated to earn your enthusiastic applause.


Your friends and member groups of the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative